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Operator Train-the-Trainer

Skid-Steer Training  (Operator Training)

Course Overview

This certificate program is suited for experienced operators that have never been previously certified or require a renewal of their existing certificate to comply with Legislation, Standards and Guidelines.

Theory: 4-hour session

  • Introduction
  • Review of Legislation, Standards and Guidelines
  • Overview of Controls, Warning Devices and Safety Equipment
  • Pre-Operational Inspection, Mounting and Startup Procedures
  • Safe Work Area (Environmental hazards, power lines, terrain, etc.)
  • Capacities of Equipment and Attachments
  • General Safety Guidelines (Working on/near banks, slopes etc.)
  • Correct Procedures for Loading of various materials
  • Piling or grading as required (sand, stone, earth, concrete)
  • Loading/Unloading Procedures
  • Fuel Source
  • Summary/Written Test

Practical (Conducted Individually and should be site specific.)

Practical evaluations require 30 minutes or more per person per piece of equipment and are conducted in actual work environment whenever possible.

Pre-Operational Check Roll Over Protection Structure (ROPS)
Starting, Stopping, Steering Signs, Hand Signals
Accurate Maneuvering Fuel Source
Loading/Unloading Competency Test

** This program will be tailored to meet the specific requirements of your facility

**Call for the next available course dates

Skid-Steer Training  (Train-the-Trainer)

Course Overview

This three-day comprehensive course will cover all legislative and compliance requirements to certify participants to certify and authorize on site employees on (name of the equipment they will get trained on).

Course Length: 3 days (Four Person Maximum)

Day One – (Operators Program)

  • Introduction and importance of training
  • Legislation, Standards/Guidelines:
    • New C.S.A. Standard B335-04
    • Ministry of Labor Guidelines
    • OHSA and Regulation 851
  • Due Diligence Bill C-45 update
  • Site specific equipment review, machine dynamics
  • Engineering Principles of Design (Stability)
  • Pre-Operating Inspections
  • Safe Operating Procedures/Pre-Employment screening practices
  • Pedestrian/Worker Safety
  • Maintenance
  • Hazard Identification, positioning, and control techniques
  • Operators Theory Test
  • Observe Practical testing with Instructor

Day Two

  • Initial Presentation for Students
  • Adult Teaching Techniques
  • Andragogy versus Pedagogy
  • Training Aids (How/When to use)
  • Effective Communication Techniques
  • Use of Operator Manuals/Tests, site specific course development
  • The Art of Asking Questions

Day Three

  • Final Theory Presentations
  • Lesson Plans
  • Program Review (Q&A)
  • Written Exam
  • Setting Up an Effective and Compliant Course Program
  • Practical Evaluation Process
  • Practical Presentations
  • Summary

**Courses scheduled monthly at our training centers**
**Can also be conducted at your location around your schedule**
**Call for available dates**

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