There are more than 10,000 accidents involving pedestrians every year in Ontario. This program has been developed to address/inform people of the hazards associated with material handling equipment and may be tailored to address the specific hazards in your facility. An informed pedestrian is a much safer pedestrian.

Topics covered include:

Theory: 1-hour session (Fifteen Person Maximum) 

  • Occupational Health And Safety Act
  • Duties of the Employer, Supervisor and Worker
  • Industrial Regulation 851
  • Fork Truck Accident Statistics
  • Weight and Impact Force
  • General Safety Rules for Pedestrians

(Intersections, aisles, loading docks, floor conditions, emergency exits ` etc.)

  • Company Specific Requirements
  • Safe Pedestrian Aisle Assessment
  • Pedestrian Video
  • Test


  • Three 1 hour sessions per half day
  • Fifteen people maximum per session

Conducted at customer location

Montreal, Quebec

560 Avenue Orly
Dorval, Quebec H9P 1E9
Phone: (514) 780-0800

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