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Operator Train-the-Trainer

Fall Protection Training (Operator Training)

Falls account for half of the industrial accidents each year in North America

These accidents can be greatly reduced by companies implementing a comprehensive Fall Protection Program designed to protect their employees. Identifying hazards, and then deciding how to best protect the employee, is certainly a step in the right direction in reducing or completely eliminating falls in the workplace.

Course Description: 4 Hours

  • Introduction
  • Accidents & Their Causes
  • Current Legislation & Standards
  • Fall Prevention & Proper Use
  • Types of Harnesses & Proper Use
  • Types of Connectors: Lanyards, Snap Hooks, Rope Grabs
  • Calculating Total Fall Distance
  • How to Prevent Swing Fall
  • Shock Absorbers: Types & How They Work
  • Equipment Care & Maintenance
  • Anchor Points, Engineered / Improvised
  • Designing a Rescue Plan, Suspension Trauma
  • Summary
  • Written Test

Practical Evaluation

  • Inspection of Harness & Lanyard
  • Harness Fit Test
  • Proper utilization of fall protection equipment currently in use.

Fall Protection Training (Train-the-Trainer)

Course Overview

This three-day comprehensive course will cover all legislative and compliance requirements to certify participants to certify and authorize on site employees on (name of the equipment they will get trained on).

Course Length: 3 days (Four Person Maximum)

Day One – (Operators Program)

  • Introduction and importance of training
  • Legislation, Standards/Guidelines:
    • New C.S.A. Standard B335-04
    • Ministry of Labor Guidelines
    • OHSA and Regulation 851
  • Due Diligence Bill C-45 update
  • Site specific equipment review, machine dynamics
  • Engineering Principles of Design (Stability)
  • Pre-Operating Inspections
  • Safe Operating Procedures/Pre-Employment screening practices
  • Pedestrian/Worker Safety
  • Maintenance
  • Hazard Identification, positioning, and control techniques
  • Operators Theory Test
  • Observe Practical testing with Instructor

Day Two

  • Initial Presentation for Students
  • Adult Teaching Techniques
  • Andragogy versus Pedagogy
  • Training Aids (How/When to use)
  • Effective Communication Techniques
  • Use of Operator Manuals/Tests, site specific course development
  • The Art of Asking Questions

Day Three

  • Final Theory Presentations
  • Lesson Plans
  • Program Review (Q&A)
  • Written Exam
  • Setting Up an Effective and Compliant Course Program
  • Practical Evaluation Process
  • Practical Presentations
  • Summary

**Courses scheduled monthly at our training centers**
**Can also be conducted at your location around your schedule**
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