YIT Training Programs

While we are proud to provide high quality of industrial trucks to our customers, one of our main passions is ensuring the safety of workers. Workplace related accidents come with a heavy cost that extends beyond business finances and into the hearts of families who have lost loved ones. That's why we provide training for the proper use of our products. Safe industrial vehicle performance is the best performance option.

Training Opportunities

Learn more about each type of training that Yale Industrial Trucks provides 

Forklift Cranes Aerial  Work Platforms Skid Steer Loaders Fall Protection

Forklift Operator Training

This New Operator Certification is designed for individuals with very little or no experience operating material handling equipment. Our comprehensive program explores the theoretical and practical components involved with operating different classes of lift trucks with the emphasis on how to do so safely.

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Aerial Platfom Training

Yale’s full certificate Aerial Work Platform training program is suitable for experienced or inexperienced operators. This program is customized to address the specific needs of each application.

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Overhead Crane Training

This certificate program is designed for both experienced and inexperienced operators of industrial overhead cranes. This training is site specific and is conducted at the client location with the emphasis on being tailored to meet the specific needs of different applications.

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Fall Protection Training

Falls account for half of the industrial accidents each year in North America. These accidents can be greatly reduced by companies implementing a comprehensive Fall Protection Program designed to protect their employees. 

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WHMIS Training

The Workplace Hazardous Material Information System “WHMIS” is a nation wide system designed to provide information for employees on potentially hazardous materials in the workplace. 

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Staying Safe

We are a family owned company that places an emphasis helping businesses create safe work environments for their employees. When an operator is fully trained on the machines they are using, they’re not only ensuring better performance for their businesses, but creating a secure and comfortable working environment. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of training to minimize the risk of injury.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

A well-trained operator is the greatest asset a business owner can have on their team. Not only do they keep their work environment safer, they know how to use materials handling equipment to its fullest potential, giving your business the highest level of benefits. Check out our News & Events to see the next training in your area!

Product and Rack Damage

When products are damaged often, it cuts into a business's bottom line. Keep your product damages and financial losses low by investing in the training of your employees. From forklifts to fall protection, we have the training to keep your employees and products safe from harm. Sign up for one of our trainings today!