Increased Productivity

An innovative system allows an increase in sweeping performance when the main broom is worn by increasing hopper filling and extending sweeping performance throughout the life of the main broom.

Low total cost of ownership

All functions stop when not driving to save energy, reduce broom wear and prevent making marks on the floor. High quality components and assembly result in less service costs, less downtime and longer lifetime of the machine and its main components.

Create a cleaner and safer environment


  • Hybrid kit allows flexible cleaning (can sweep indoor and outdoor with the same machine simply by switching from engine to battery power)
  • Low emissions and low noise for more productive cleaning.
  • Speed is automatically reduced on slopes and tight turns to minimize the risk of tilting the machine and keeping the operator safe during the whole cleaning task.
  • Warning alarm and reduced lifting speed of the hopper when the machine is working on a slope guarantee maximum safety for the operator.
  • The DustGuardâ„¢ system makes the environment safer for the operator and the people around, reducing dust created by the side brooms.



  • Efficient LP Hybrid or emissions-free battery configurations
  • DustGuardâ„¢ industry leading side broom fugitive dust control
  • Tools-free replacement items (brooms, brushes, filters) provide simplified maintenance
  • Productive, high capacity, high dump hopper
  • AC brushless propulsion drive system for high performance reliability
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Clear-Viewâ„¢
  • Side broom speed independently controlled (dual side brooms optional)
  • Non-marking tires (standard on battery model only)
  • Auto speed reduction in turns for increased safety
  • High capacity battery offers extended runtime
  • LED headlights
Equipment Type
Sweepers / Nilfisk Floor Cleaning Equipment