• Stability-boosting dual
    front wheels
  • Energy-saving
    regenerative braking/li>

  • Built-to-last all-steel
    unibody construction
  • Recessed dual headlights/li>
  • USB and 12V aux chargers,
    backlit and sealed buttons
  • 2-step ladder on backrest
  • EE rating available
Motor Shunt motor / Brushless AC motor
Controller SEPEX Electronic speed controller
Electronic AC speed controller
Drive Axle Helical gear differential
Brakes Self-adjusting H.D. drum brakes, automatic parking brake,
regenerative braking
Wheels Pneumatic LRC tires
Transmission Direct drive
Suspension Leaf springs rear suspension system
Batteries 6V-225AH batteries
Charger High-frequency (85-265VAC / 45-65Hz, 1kw), built-in and automatic
Weight Weight without batteries 670-920lbs
Body All-steel unibody construction. Powder Coating
Color Security orange or federal yellow (optional colors available)
Lights LED dual headlights.
Steering Automotive steering wheel
Seats Padded backrest
Indicators Multifunction display including speedometer, battery
state of charge, hour meter, odometer and fault warnings.
Password-protected parameters and monitoring capability
Safety Reverse alarm, deadman foot switch, horn, emergency stop button,
jam-free pedal, anti slip griptape, charging interlock switch
Accessories USB charger, backlit and sealed buttons
USB charger, DC/DC converter for 12-volt accessories,
backlit and sealed buttons

This stand-up stock chaser / order picker is famous for its versatility. That’s because the MS-260 does everything a workday could ask for. It can easily tow up to 6,000 lbs. and carry up to 2,000 lbs. It also comes equipped with all the features operators need to make their job easier: 59” deck, dual front wheels, short turning radius, light touch controls, padded backrest, ergonomic driving position and low-step entry. Also standard? Leaf spring suspension, integrated 2-step ladder, loading anchors, USB charger, storage compartments and fully protected electrical components. And because it’s a Motrec, it’s also fully customizable.

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