Chassis: Battery:
Type: One 12 volt (lead acid) System Voltage: 12 Charger: N/A
Chassis: Brakes:
Rear: Hydraulic drum brakes Front: Hydraulic disc Parking: Hand
Chassis: Frame Construction:
Steel unitized body with heavy duty 16 gauge smooth plate
Chassis: Powertrain:
Type: Combustion Power: N/A Transmission: Transaxle Assembly, Sealed Helical Gear Reduction with Directional Gear Selector Drive: Controller: N/A
Chassis: Steering:
Manual, Re-circulating Ball
Chassis: Suspension:
Rear: Independent coil springs, shock absorbers Front: Leaf springs
Chassis: Tires:
Rear: 5.70 x 8 pneumatic Front: 5.70 x 8 Load Range C, Pneumatic
Dimensions: Deck:
Width: 43" (109.2cm) Length: 75" (190.5cm) Height: 26.12" (66.3cm)
Dimensions: Height:
Less Cab: 48" (122 cm) With Cab: 71" (180 cm)
Dimensions: Hitch Height:
13" (33.0cm)
Dimensions: Length:
120.5" (306 cm)
Dimensions: Outside Turning Radius:
125" (312.0cm)
Dimensions: Weight:
1,360 lbs. (618 kg)
Dimensions: Wheel Base:
54.5" (138.4cm)
Dimensions: Width:
45" (114 cm)
Interior: Instrumentation:
Fuel gauge, hour meter, ignition switch, electric horn
Interior: Seats:
Driver: Passenger:
Performance: Load Capacity:
1,500 lbs. (680 kg)
Performance: Passengers:
Performance: Range:
100 miles (160 km)
Performance: Speed:
18 mph (28.9 km/h)
Performance: Tow Capacity:
5,000 lbs. (2,273 kg)

The G-1500 is being offered as a direct replacement. The G-150 travels at speeds up to 18 mph and hauls up to 1,500 lbs of load.  Optional configurations for 4 or 6 passengers and built-in tool storage areas, make the G-150 one of the most versatile designs in the industry.

The G-150’s unique delta suspension system includes rear coil springs and shock absorbers, providing a comfortable ride in rugged applications.

Equipped standard with four wheel brakes, dual headlights, taillights and brake lights, the G-150 is the best value in its class of vehicles.

Equipment Type
Commercial and Industrial Vehicles / Burden Carriers and Trailers