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February 17, 2022

A Brief History Of Pallet Stacking And Moving

It was not long ago, when men were simply moving stacks without the use of any proper equipments or machines. In fact, it was not until 1906 when the first power driven ‘baggage truck’ (the forefather of the ‘pallet truck’) was developed. See below:

MEET MPE60-G, MPE060-080VH (YIT’ Product of the month)

Although, it is quite rare to see one of these old baggage truck and what we now call ‘Pallet Truck’ shown above and it is indeed fair to say that technology has had greatly appreciated benefits for the industry of material handling. For example, our end rider pallet stacker shown below is not only one of our best-selling product, but is also the most technologically advanced pallet mover in this market.

The Yale end rider is designed around the operator, packed with features to help increase comfort, capacity focus and productivity all shift long.

  • Platform cushion provides 30% less shock and vibration when compared to conventional rubber mats to improve comfort and promote steadier footing
  • Power assist steering helps reduce physical effort by up to 60% compared to manual steer trucks and is programmable to match desired steering feel
  • Full rotary control handle uses a twist/grip design to minimize wrist stress and allow for precise lift/lower, travel
  • control and horn functions from both sides
  • Integrated knee pads deliver industry-leading support and use a unique waffle pattern for flexibility, airflow and comfort
  • Extended operator platform (optional) offers 30% more usable floor space than leading competitors, allowing optimal foot positioning for enhanced stability and reduced fatigue

Designed with a variety of industry-exclusive ergonomic enhancements and smart features, the end rider boosts labor efficiency and throughput in several workflows, including dock loading/unloading, horizontal transport and low-level order picking.


YIT is a family-owned and operated forklift dealer with locations in London, Burlington, and Woodbridge Ontario as well as a location in Montreal, Quebec. If you are looking for a pallet truck in Ontario or Quebec, contact us today. 

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