This program is designed to provide supervisors and managers with the necessary knowledge to help understand their responsibilities under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Bill C-45 and other applicable legislation.  As well, Canadian OHSA laws require managers and supervisors to understand the meaning of “due diligence” and how this process is used as a legal defence to OHSA charges. Employers must demonstrate that they have established an OHSA management system to identify, assess and control workplace hazards. Then, employers must demonstrate that they have effectively implemented the OHSA management system.

This course will assist managers and supervisors to achieve due diligence. The course focuses on:

  • OHS legislation, Applicable Regulations 
  • Duties and responsibilities of workplace 
  • Workers OHSA rights to know, participate, and refuse 
  • Authority and powers of the OHSA Regulator 
  • Legal liability, penalties and fines 
  • Integrating OHSA systems with managerial/supervisory functions 
  • The Internal Responsibility System explained 
  • Hazard identification, assessment and control methods 
  • Review of leading court and tribunal decisions 
  • Implications of Bill C-45 
  • Due diligence checklist 
  • How to motivate workers to work safely 

Course Length: One day (8 hours)

Who should attend?   

Managers, supervisors, OHSA professionals, human resource and operation managers.

**Are your Supervisors familiar with the changes to the CSA Standards??**

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