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At YIT, we are proud to solve all of your materials handling needs. With our variety of services from new and used industrial trucks, to our service centre and renting options, we are more than just a key Yale Forklift dealer— we are a team proud to support you and your business needs. Come in and see us today!


Be Safe and Get Certified

Skilled forklift operators leads to a safer and more efficient operation

Lift Trucks are only part of our solution

Our value-added services are designed to help you get the most out of material handling investments.


From automation to hydrogen fuel cells and more, YIT is committed to improving your bottom line, increasing productivity and optimizing your daily operations.


Designed and manufactured with you and your operators in mind, Yale provides durable, dependable, and comfortable trucks that lower life cycle costs.


Yale's telemetry solution is a web-based system that collects data remotely to give you complete visibility of your fleet and operators in real-time.


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