• Complete console on steering column with multifunction display
  • High-efficiency asynchronous
    AC / Direct Drive motor 2 Inclined steering column for a more ergonomic and natural driving posture
  • Redesigned bolt-on front bumper and Motrec signature recessed lights
  • Premium high-back seats
  • EE rating available
Motor Brushless AC motor
Controller AC Electronic speed controller
Drive Axle Helical gear differential
Brakes Rear hydraulic drum brakes, hand lever parking brake
regenerative braking.
Rear hydraulic drum brakes, automatic electromagnetic
parking brake with manual hand release, regenerative braking.
Rear disc brakes, electromagnetic parking brake
with manual hand release, regenerative braking
Wheels 5.7×8 LRD pneumatic tires
500×8 solid softy rubber wheels on split rims
Transmission Direct drive
Suspension Dual leaf springs on front and rear
Body All-steel unibody construction. Powder Coating
Color Security orange, federal yellow or white
(optional colors available)
Lights LED dual headlights, tail/brake lights and dual back-up lights.
Steering Automotive steering wheel, inclined steering column.
Seats Two bucket seats on slide adjusters
Two premium seats on slide adjusters
Indicators Multifunction display including speedometer, battery
state of charge, hour meter, odometer and fault warnings.
Password-protected parameters and monitoring capability
Safety Deadman seat switch, reverse alarm, horn.
Deadman seat switch, reverse alarm,
horn automatic parking brake.
Accessories Console on steering column, bolt-on front bumper, DC/DC
converter to equalize battery cells, LED charge indicator.

From the start, the MC-480 has been the ruler of rugged, reliable burden carriers. On top of boasting a smart modular design, an all-steel unibody and advanced engineering, this high-efficiency AC vehicle offers a spacious and more ergonomic driver compartment to make long shifts more comfortable and productive.
If you need a do-it-all vehicle that’s strong, safe and
easy to operate, you can’t beat the MC-480 – or
its unlimited configurations and 3-year warranty.

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