Job Description

Industrial Painter

Summary :

Responsible for mixing paints, color matching, preparing metal, plastic and fiberglass surfaces and applying paint to these surfaces. Perform touch-ups on new equipment or complete paint restoration of Material Handling Industry (MHI) related equipment i.e. forklifts, order pickers, tugs, transporters personal, etc.


  • Preparation of surfaces to be painted, pressure washing, removal of old paint, repair of surface imperfections using a filler compound, sanding tools, etc.
  • Preparation of the area to be painted using specific cleaning chemicals before applying the paint.
  • Match, mix and apply paint finishes to various surfaces i.e. metal, fiberglass, plastic, etc.
    Glue areas as required, such as windows, door panels, hydraulic hoses, lift cylinders, mast channels, cables/harnesses etc. to avoid overspray.
  • Removal of equipment components such as access panels, panel covers, upholstery, seats, door handles/knobs, lights, switches, etc.
  • Reinstall equipment components/accessories after painting project is complete.
  • Clean up work area, spray equipment, after painting project is complete.
  • Periodically maintain the paint booth by removing excess paint, replacing lights and vent filters.
  • Coordinate with our parts department to purchase paint and other supplies as needed.
  • Estimate by calculating the materials and time required for the painting project.
  • Communicate with direct report (Department Manager, Supervisor, Shop Coordinator) to ensure assigned paint projects are progressing according to schedule.
  • Move forklift equipment as needed around the work area to ensure well-organized and efficient operation.
  • Provide comments related to paint and finishes as needed for the painting project.

Skills & Qualifications:

* High school diploma required
* Driver's license
* Understanding of surface finishes, color theory and various paint finishes (field training will be provided)
* Ability to carry heavy equipment (including various types of equipment limited to 50 lbs of paint and tools)
* Ability to stand for long periods of time
* Good physical dexterity
* Attention to detail and sense of creativity
* Strong ability to follow instructions
* Excellent communication skills

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