Yale Industrial Trucks

The Power of Data

Case Study:

Tier 1 Automotive Company

A Tier-1 Supplier of Automotive exterior components whose forklift application is primarily the handling of 96” x 88” x 36” steel stackable racks weighing 500-1500 lbs.

Ryan Goodfellow, our Business Development Manager recently started working with this customer. He provided them with a mixture of cushion and pneumatic forklifts, during which time, a great relationship was developed and Ryan decided to introduce them to a creative material handling solution; Yale Vision – our telemetry system, to provide them with the most precise data and to support them in maximizing both their efficiency and productivity. The Guelph facility has been using a combination of propane and electric Yale units during the last 18 months. Our customer identified three features that are the most important to them in regards to purchasing material handling equipment; ergonomics, performance and safety. After the purchases and over a year of utilization, we asked them for an overall review of their satisfaction, or lack of.

What do you like about Yale product?

  • 1) The Yale Vision – The software provides us with the true data we require to make educated decisions with regards to the following: Impacts / Access Control / Utilization
  • 2) Mechanical Technology – auto deceleration system increases tire and brake life

Which dealer qualities/abilities/assets do you consider when purchasing from a dealer?

  • 1) Sales team – flexible and willing to make changes to address customer’s dynamic needs.
  • 2) Service Team – responsive to our needs and execute with craftsmanship.
  • 3) Application Knowledge – seek to understand the application and recommend the right product.

What was the most important factor in your purchasing decision?

We use a cost benefit analysis. We will compare the Yale product up against 2 alternatives. We “rate and rank” the following influences: Cost of Lease / Cost of Telemetry Subscription / Cost of operation (repairs / tires / fuel) and last but not least Safety. If there is a feature that increases operator or pedestrian safety it will be highly regarded in the ranking process.

How do you utilize Yale products and/or dealer services?

The Yale Vision has assisted us in changing driver/operator behavior with regards to fork lift use. The access control along with the impact reporting has provided a tool to address misuse and reward favorable driving practices. The access control attaches an ownership to the equipment, and we have experienced less neglect and unexplained damages as a result. We have also used the Yale Vision to evaluate fleet wide utilization which has resulted in a reduction in the overall number of units in our fleet.