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July 18, 2018

Welcome to our new site! Learn more about YIT via our newsletter.

At YIT, we pride ourselves on providing you with more than just selling your company a piece of equipment that allows for you to complete daily tasks. Our core policy is to provide all of our clients with a full assessment of warehouse efficiency to maximize your team’s productivity by using one of the many services we provide.

Our leading industry experts will assist you in making the best decision for your business need and our tailor-made individual solutions allow you to achieve your company set goals. To quote our company mission statement “Our People. Our Products. Your Productivity.” It’s our company’s main objective to help your company quickly adjust to the ever-changing market, with seasonal peaks and industry trending challenges. YIT carries the largest inventory of certified rental units, so we’re always prepared to cater to your needs. By renting a forklift from YIT, you are able to test out the increased efficiency and productivity without investing high capital. As leaders in the materials handling industry, our team will gladly assist you in answering any questions you may have; we strive to provide you with the best product value while keeping our rates among the most competitive in the market. Whatever your reason is for inquiring about a Yale forklift in Quebec or Ontario – we promise to provide you with our utmost care and assistance every step of the way. That’s YIT’s promise to you. Be social with us and, follow us on our – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube pages for YIT and Industry updates.

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