9 Tips for Preparing Your Forklift Fleet for Winter


October 27, 2022

Your business’s material handling work doesn’t stop when the winter season arrives. If you depend on forklifts in your daily operations, you must ensure your fleet is ready for the cold weather. The following maintenance tips can help you understand how to prepare your forklift fleet for winter, equipping you to stay productive.

1. Check the Battery

The cold weather takes a heavy toll on forklift batteries. Check the battery and charging system to ensure your forklifts are ready to perform.

2. Service the Cooling System

The late autumn is an excellent time to clean and flush the cooling system and add new antifreeze.

3. Inspect the Tires

Verify that the tires have sufficient tread depth and check the pressure at least weekly throughout the winter. If you experience heavy ice and snow in your area, consider upgrading to tires designed to perform well on slick surfaces.

4. Change the Oil Regularly

The cold weather can thicken a forklift engine’s motor oil, causing it to move through the engine block more slowly. Be sure to change the oil and filter regularly and use a winter-weight version if you’re in a harsh climate.

5. Check All Other Filters

Besides checking the oil filter, you should also check the hydraulic, transmission and air filters. 

6. Tune the Engines

Are your forklifts’ engines experiencing hard starts, rough idling or inadequate performance? It’s probably time for a tune-up, as the cold weather can worsen these issues.

7. Check the Brakes

Worn or damaged brakes pose a safety hazard throughout the year and are even more dangerous in slippery road conditions. Prepare your forklift fleet for winter by having a certified technician inspect the brakes on every machine.

8. Test the Lights

Ensure the headlights, brake lights, taillights and warning lights are functioning properly and replace bulbs and wires as needed.

9. Inspect the Exhaust System

Check the exhaust pipes and other system components for leaks that could cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

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The experts at YIT know how to prepare a forklift fleet for winter. We offer flexible, affordable maintenance programs to ensure your machines are ready for the cold months ahead. We’re also your one-stop source for a wide selection of high-quality new, pre-owned and rental equipment that will add value to your material handling operations.

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